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NEW Special Progress Report! New York State Pavilion Restoration Work begins!

We are all excited to see the plans for the NYSP Tower project! Here's the PowerPoint presentation From NYC Parks

June 2017 Progress Report- Open Gate and Disney D23 Tour
October 2016 Open House New York Event and Progress Report
NYSP Paint Project honored at the Queens Borough President's State of the Borough Address- January 21, 2016
Latest NYSP Open Gate Event and Progress Report. The Paint Crew hosts OHNY Weekend- October 17 & 18, 2015!
Crown Painting Progress in pictures! See the amazing transformation. Frequent updates!
"Modern Ruin: A World's Fair Pavilion" Film
May 2015 Paint Project Progress Report- Crown Painting Announced
Our successful Open Gate Event at the Pavilion on April 22, 2014



About Our Project

Welcome! We are a grass roots effort lending support to preserving an iconic structure remaining from the 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York. Designed by famed architect Phillip Johnson it had fallen into disrepair over the years. We have spent the past many years gathering donations of materials and paint to restore some dignity to the structure in hoping it raises awareness towards its restoration and reuse. We have been painting and maintaining the structure since November 2009
The 50th anniversary of the opening of the fair arrived on April 22, 2014 and we had the structure looking better than it had in over thirty years. Our Open Gate Event drew thousands of supporters and made local and national headlines. Money raised through donations will continue to go towards red, white and yellow paint and the associated materials. Typical cost per gallon is approximately $35 but we hope to seek discounts from generous paint distributors, private donations and crowdfunding. Our efforts have advocated for the preservation of the pavilion and we have been heard, however, it has only been possible with your support.

People can make a difference. Our project started out with one man's idea to try to keep awareness high for this neglected historic site. Many people have ideas, few can execute and fewer can claim success. Hats off to John Piro who's glimmer of hope started this project that has been in process since our first stripes were painted in 2009 to help protect this structure. When the two of us started this project it was our dream to open the gates for the public to see the splendor of this amazing building and over 2500 people (some estimate the crowd at 5000!) agreed that day in April, 2014 and at every open gate and tour we have hosted since.

This is just a beginning. We hope to inspire and we are just part of the effort seeking renewal of the pavilion.

The building deserves it, the history deserves it and the people deserve it.

Mitchell Silverstein




NYSP Timeline
A Celebration of
Perseverance:   Significant Events  in the History of
New York State  Pavilion
Thank you for your support. Our project has reached goal! The gofundme page will remain open for donations so we can continue to improve the pavilion!

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 Progress Reports


2009- The First Stripes


 2009-2012 Exterior Progress Report in Photos

  April 2013- Interior    November 2013- Interior    June 2015- Progress Report and Festival
  June 2013- Interior    March 2014- Event Preparation    October 2015- Progress Report and OHNY Weekend
  July 2013- Interior    April 2014- Progress Report and Open Gate Event    June 2016- Progress Report
  August 2013- Interior    May 2014- Progress Report and Open Gate 2    October 2016- Progress Report and OHNY Weekend
  September 2013- Interior    October 2014- Progress Report and Open Gate 3    June 2017- Progress Report
  October 2013- Interior    May 2015- Press Release and Progress Report    April 2018- Progress Report
  November 2019- Year End Progress Report     NEW! February 2020 Special Progress Report    



  New York Daily News November 2009    Queens Chronicle
 May 2013
   The NY Mets  & People for the Pavilion-
 Spirit Award to the Paint Project
  dnainfo- February 2012 John and Mitch in "After the Fair" Documentary    Preservation Magazine- Fall 2013
 National Trust for Historic Preservation!
   NY1- October 16, 20015 OHNY Weekend
  Queens Chronicle
January 2013
   !Open Gate Event !
 Media Coverage 2014
- We made History!
   Tower Groundbreaking November 8, 2019
 CBS NY TV | CBS Radio
  Queens Chronicle
March 2013
   New York Daily News: Queens Week Article
 May 2015


The story of how we got started- Film by Aquarela Pictures
"Modern Ruin: A World's Fair Pavilion"




Conlab- NYSP








Pix & Docs- NYSP 







NYSP as a National Treasure





 The Paint Crew


John P.
Westbury, NY

  Mitch S.
Nyack, NY
  Stephanie B.
Wyoming, PA

Jim B.
Clifton, NJ

  Gary M.
Queens, NY
  Ed G.
Whitestone, NY

Tom B.
Elmhurst, NY

  AND Chris, Olga
& many more




 Friends, Partners and Support


We are pleased to welcome
"After the Fair:
The Legacy of the 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair"
A Ryan Ritchey Film, as a supporter
and partner in the continued
efforts to preserve
the NYSP


Please check out this wonderful NEW book about the
New York State Pavilion from Christian Kellberg. Christian says he is privileged to have been part of the volunteer effort to paint the New York State Pavilion mezzanine over the last three years. He is the photographer of much of the content in this book.
New York State Pavilion is an
insightful look at this iconic landmark, with many spectacular
historic color photographs,
published here for the first time.


Visit Philip Johnson's






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