Progress Report for the New York State Pavilion Paint Project  October 2016

We are all very excited to close out 2016 with continued great promise towards the future of the pavilion.

Our latest Open Gate event on October 16th in conjunction with Open House New York (OHNY) and NYC Parks went very well once again!  The weather was beautiful and over 500 people visited the pavilion in four hours!  That's over 7000 people who went through the gates these past three seasons!

The interest and support from the community remain strong.

Our work continues. We will carry on our quest to preserve the pavilion. Next season we hope to touch up and repair painted areas including the application of matching American Cheese yellow paint. We hope you get to visit the park and see the pavilion close up.


(Photo M. Silverstein)

Net Proceeds from donations after costs and fees as of October 16, 2016


Materials Purchase as of June 23, 2016:
- 33 Gallons Sherwin Williams Show Stopper Red
- 52 Gallons Sherwin Williams Extra White
- 45 Gallons Sherwin Williams World's Fair Yellow Custom    
Supplies- Disposable Tarps, Roller Handles, Brushes,
Guests arrive
(Photo J. Piro)
Roller Covers, Tape Knife/Scraper, Paint Trays


(Please note that no funds from gofundme fundraiser was used for
anything other than paint and related materials).
Out of Pocket Expenses (no reimbursement): Gas, tolls,
lodging, previously purchased painting supplies, printing and
creation of rewards, travel, food & beverage  (Lots of Hot Dog Lunches!).



Please check out




Thank you for your donations and support!


All photos J. Piro

Checking out our fine displays

More informational displays

The pavilion timline and guests
More guests check out the hisotry of the pavilion
The day's crew and OHNY volunteers- Thank you for making a successful day!
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