SPECIAL Progress Report for the
New York State Pavilion Paint Project
http://www.nyspproject.org  February 2020

We were very excited to close the 2019 season with great promise towards the future of the pavilion. NYC Parks held a ceremonial groundbreaking at the pavilion on November 9, 2019 to begin restoration work on the towers! We were interviewed by CBS NY TV! Check it out HERE.

we have SOME great news to share: the work has finally started!

We visited the site on February 15, 2020 and have these photos and descriptions to share with you.

It has been a long time coming for the pavilion and all those involved in the support of saving this iconic structure. Many years in the making! Hopefully, this is just the beginning...


Thank you for your donations and continued support!


You can view project details HERE from NYC Parks

(Photos M. Silverstein)

A very clear but very cold day to explore but here we go!

The bases of each of the 16 TOT columns were closed in with cement block. This block has been removed.

A little left over debris from the removal of cement block. Each opening has been protected with plywood.



The columns contain telephone and electrical panels, typically alternating every other one. The plywood was marked so the construction crews know what to expect inside. These will be upgraded so the columns can be lighted.
Typical marking for the plywood. Atypical marking for the plywood! Smooshy!

Another view of the plywood additions.


Time to take a walk around to the towers. A stop by the gate first. Contractor strong boxes within the base of the towers. Port-a-potty too!
The remains of the two elevator cars. At least they are still there for now.
An advanced state of decay. Yearning to be viable once again but not in this project scope
Queens Theatre in the background. Some torch cut steel. A sign of progress!
Stairs to the lower level cleaned up. Another view of contractor presence.
The basement below the towers contained the mechanicals for the elevators; motors, relays, electrical among other things. Since its deep below it tended to flood. The current work is supposed to make it water tight and replace the electrical so the towers and columns can be lighted.
Temporary electric service to support the work. The towers remain proud.
Although it does not appear work has begun high in the towers, there will be improvements in this phase. The stairs leading to the observation decks will be replaced, the cables from which the decks hang will be replaced as well as some concrete work.
Orange flags: underground telephone. Red flags: underground electric. Stephanie and Gary brave the cold to help bring this special report to you yes, that's my frozen shadow!
Two construction office trailers. They will likely be there until 2022 when the project is slated for completion.
We will try to bring you periodic updates. In the meantime, spread the word about the pavilion. We will be back in the spring to continue our work.  See you in the park!
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