New York State Pavilion Paint Project

~Who's Who~

Olga Fernandez

Philip Johnson, one of the world’s most influential and forward-thinking architects, built the New York State Pavilion with the intent for it to represent a pivotal time of measurable advancement in America ­and to be a monument to Tomorrow. Its Rotunda welcomes and embraces in true New York style mankind's infinite potential. The Towers, the highest spot at the World’s Fair and a still beacon to this day, represent man’s ability to scale new and ever greater heights.


The New York State Pavilion is not a mere structure from a past-tense expo. Just as New York itself was always and continues to be the gateway to the hopes and dreams of millions for a better Tomorrow, the New York State Pavilion should be preserved as a perpetual reminder of all we can and will achieve with collaboration, creativity, faith and persistence.

Olga Fernandez has New York in her DNA. Currently a marketing consultant in Connecticut, she can be frequently found at Corona Park absorbing creative energy from the Towers

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