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Last Update August 21, 2015- Project Completed


Flushing Meadows Corona Park's Tent Of Tomorrow To Undergo $3 Million Renovation Project

Very exciting news from NYC Parks! On May 7, 2015 a press conference was held in the park at the pavilion.  The NYSP Paint Project was invited to attend and attend we did.  Elected officials, the Parks Commissioner and Union representatives spoke proudly of the donation to provide a fresh coat of American Cheese Yellow paint to the crown. The New York Structural Steel Painting Association, Local Union 806, District Council 9, IUPAT will provide at least $3 million in time and materials to complete the project. (Hard) Hats off to those involved in bringing this amazing and generous effort to the pavilion!

Press Conference Day Gallery  



Elected Officials, media, Union representatives, NYC Parks and guests
gather at the Pavilion.


Mitch Silverstein and John Piro (NYSP Paint Project), NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver and Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski


Officials speak, Queens Borough President and NYSP Advocate Melinda Katz at the podium.


Local, U.S.and Foreign Union Leaders chat with the NYSP Paint Project.

  Chatting with Union Bridge Painter Apprentices.  

Group shot of the day.

June 6, 2015- Work began on the crown this weekend
We visited the site on Saturday June 6th while the Bridge Painters were getting the rigging in order. Here we have exclusive photos from up in the crown, a rare perspective of the pavilion, the surrounding area and the amazing workers from the union.
Crown Scaffolding Gallery



A look towards the center ring. Pipes are rain gutters.


Looking at the crew from above.


Good view of the scaffolding rigs.


Working hard. Large rain gutter pipe.


New perspective on the Unisphere


Working on the tarps.


The majestic towers.


Making progress 100' up.


Thank you to the crew!

And the scene from below        
Working on the scaffolding   Rigging for the scaffolding   A long trip up in the air
June 13, 2015- Painting begins
We visited the site once again a week later and there was paint going on the crown! The crew was very busy power washing, scraping, cleaning and painting the rigged sections. We spoke with the foreman to learn what coating they were using.  James L. stated that the base coat is a two part tinted epoxy primer and the finish coat is American Cheese Yellow two part Urethane. Sounds like it's meant to last many years as it's a proven process used on bridges.
Paint Begins Gallery



Tarps to contain debris.


Primer coat looking good


Mixing the coatings




One section gets painted, another gets prepared for paint.


Getting ready to power wash and scrape.


American Cheese Yellow makes and appearance.


Rivets getting a finish coat.


Finish yellow looking sharp and bright!


From a distance it looks great.




Making a big difference. Tedious nooks and crannies.


The pavilion will be great again.


Not missing a spot




No words can describe what it will look like


Rigging begins on the next section


Going to be amazing addition to the landscape


June 18, 2015- Progress

Really stands out against a blue sky.   First section complete inside the crown, a little more to go.   On to the next!

June 27, 2015- More Progress

Continuing around the crown.   Rigging.   Getting the tarps in place for the next section.
No words can describe...


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