Progress Report for the New York State Pavilion Paint Project  April 2018

We are very excited to begin 2018 with continued great promise towards the future of the pavilion. Work should begin soon on the partial restoration of the towers by NYC Parks!

We recently spent a special weekend working on the pavilion; April 21 and 22.  April 22 is the anniversary date of the opening of the Fair in 1964 (also Earth Day!) and April 21 is the anniversary for the second season opening day in 1965!

We completed a fresh coat of American Cheese Yellow on the mezzanine railing all around the outside of the pavilion.  It is looking pretty good!

Our work continues. We will carry on our quest to preserve the pavilion. This season we will be touching up and repairing existing painted areas including the application of American Cheese yellow paint on the inside. We hope you get to visit the park and see the pavilion close up!


American Cheese Yellow
(Photo M. Silverstein)

Net Proceeds from donations after costs and fees as of April 29, 2018


Materials Purchase as of April 27, 2018:
- 33 Gallons Sherwin Williams Show Stopper Red
- 59 Gallons Sherwin Williams Extra White
- 45 Gallons Sherwin Williams World's Fair Yellow Custom    
- 22 Gallons Benjamin Moore American Cheese Yellow
Getting ready to apply
(Photo S. Bohn)
-  Supplies-  rollers, pans, brushes, etc.


(Please note that no funds from gofundme fundraiser was used for
anything other than paint and related materials).
Out of Pocket Expenses (no reimbursement): Gas, tolls,
lodging, previously purchased painting supplies, printing and
creation of rewards, travel, food & beverage  (Lots of Hot Dog Lunches!).



As you can see we are low on funds. Please check out and spread the word as we may need to resume a new round of crowd funding soon.




Thank you for your donations and support!


Looking up into the sun all day!
(Photo Salmaan Kahn)

Worth a little sun burn
(Photo S. Bohn)

Working from the top
(Photo S. Bohn)

Much to cover!
(Photo Salmaan Kahn)

Lots of American Cheese Yellow
(Photo S. Bohn)
Looking very nice
(Photo S. Bohn)
The core crew- Gary, Stephanie, Mitch, Jim, Johnny, Tom
(Photo Salmaan Kahn)
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