Progress Report for the New York State Pavilion Paint Project 2015

We believe that our efforts along with your support and the involvement of other like minded groups and individuals have succeeded in bringing new life to the New York State Pavilion.

Last year's celebrations were amazing and now we have progress towards the goal of revitalizing the pavilion! Last June the $5.8 million was allocated for work on the towers and now as of May 6th, the crown will be getting a $3 million fresh coat of paint! I can tell you that the Paint Crew, if they had 100' paint poles, would have started that long ago.  We yield to the professionals and their equipment.  This is a very exciting time for the Pavilion.  We will not cease in staying involved and caring for the structure.

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Painting the second Lollipop
Photo- S. Bohn

Net Proceeds from donations after costs and fees as of May 9, 2015


Materials Purchase as of May 25, 2014:
- 33 Gallons Sherwin Williams Show Stopper Red
- 47 Gallons Sherwin Williams Extra White
- 45 Gallons Sherwin Williams World's Fair Yellow Custom   We have been busy with some odds and ends. Although
Supplies- Disposable Tarps, Roller Handles, Brushes, the positive recent developments will put a hold on our project,
Roller Covers, Tape Knife/Scraper, Paint Trays we would like to announce our intention of frequently visiting the park and


bringing you photos of the crown painting progress and the scoop from
(Please note that no funds from gofundme fundraiser was used for

the workers! We did recently complete the install of the second lollipop

anything other than paint and related materials).

over the entrance by the Queens Theatre. These spheres housed

Out of Pocket Expenses (no reimbursement): Gas, tolls,

extremely bright spot lights to illuminate various features of the pavilion

lodging, previously purchased painting supplies, printing and    These two specifically lit the large round sign over the main entrance. We
creation of rewards, travel, food & beverage.   will be back to work once the crown painting project is complete. 



Please check out this article in the Queens Times Ledger


 and this one from the Queens Chronicle

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Thank you for your donations and support!


Watch for new updates as we look to the future!!


The press conference taking shape on May 6 to announce the painting of
the NYSP crown.

Elected officials and union representatives provide info to the press and guests.
Speaking: Mitchell J. Silver- NYC Parks Commissioner.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz speaking, including some
nice words about the Paint Crew!

Group shot of parties involved with the crown painting project. Work will be done by the Bridge Painters Union Local 806. They are up for the challenge!

The crown will get a needed fresh coat of paint! Work begins this month!

The Crew patches a leak in the roof.

Getting the lolli painted.
Getting the post painted. Finishing coats of paint on the lolli.


All painted. A matching set.
Looking forward to future events and projects! Thank again for your support!

Having some fun on a break from work!


Photo: B. Cotter


Photo: S. Bohn & M. Silverstein

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