Progress Report for the New York State Pavilion Paint Project  October 2015

We are all very excited to close out 2015, and also a bit sad as we celebrated the anniversary of the World's Fair and the final closing day of October 17th, 1965. Much has happened with the New York State Pavilion during the two year celebration. All good stuff! The crown's new coat of paint looked amazing and we once again thank the New York Structural Steel Painters Association and the local Union Bridge painters for their wonderful gift to the pavilion and the community. See NY1's story HERE.

Our fourth and fifth Open Gate events on October 17th and 18th in conjunction with Open House New York (OHNY) and NYC Parks went very well!  Although the air felt like winter was hinting at its presence, almost 1200 people visited the pavilion those two days!  That's over 6000 people who went through the gates these past two seasons! It was an amazing Anniversary Celebration throughout the Park!

Our work continues. We will do what we can to get the pavilion ready for the winter, and hope to be back early spring to care for the structure however we can including some matching yellow paint. Stay warm and we hope to see you next season!


Ribbon cutting

Looking great from a distance

Net Proceeds from donations after costs and fees as of October 22, 2015


Materials Purchase as of June 12, 2015:
- 33 Gallons Sherwin Williams Show Stopper Red
- 47 Gallons Sherwin Williams Extra White
- 45 Gallons Sherwin Williams World's Fair Yellow Custom    
Supplies- Disposable Tarps, Roller Handles, Brushes, Thursday October 15th found the crew attending a ribbon cutting ceremony
Roller Covers, Tape Knife/Scraper, Paint Trays to commemorate the completion of the crown painting. Many were in


attendance from the Painters Union, NYC Parks and the Queens Borough
(Please note that no funds from gofundme fundraiser was used for Presidents Office.  Nice words were said about our efforts too! The crown
anything other than paint and related materials). looked spectacular as we spent the afternoon starting to prepare our
displays for the weekend events.
Out of Pocket Expenses (no reimbursement): Gas, tolls, Friday was a full day of preparation as we finished the displays and
lodging, previously purchased painting supplies, printing and   organized the barricades for proper people flow.
creation of rewards, travel, food & beverage  (Lots of Hot Dog Lunches!).   On both Saturday and Sunday the gates were open from 1-5 PM.


  We had help both days by volunteers from OHNY, they were great!

Please check out


Watch for new updates as we look to the future!!

Thank you for your donations and support!


All photos S. Bohn & M. Silverstein

Gary and John cleaning the hard hats

Jim working on his video display

Timeline boards ready

Working late into the night

Work in progress the next day

The timeline...24 feet long!
It WAS chilly! The table is ready!
Anticipating the great day ahead...a tweeting! Stephanie working the gate with volunteers behind
Guests arrive and line up for the opening Ready with the hard hats
Last minute walk through Photo displays
Video displays Outside display
Beautiful sky as a back drop NYSP model and a photo of the Paint Project Crew
More guests Wonderful photo op
A good crowd enjoying their visit Checking out the informational panels

Very cool!

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