New York State Pavilion Paint Project


~Who's Who~


Gary Miller


1) Where were you born and raised? I was born and raised in Brooklyn, moving to Queens in my teens.


2) What is your favorite fair or fair-related memory? I was lucky enough to have attended the Fair many times. Coming in to view of the Fairgrounds (mostly on the #7 train) with flags flying, crowds of people, etc., only added to my anticipation of a great day. I enjoyed nearly everything, especially the nightly combined music, water, and fireworks show. As for the NYSP, I remember seeing one of the first "microwave" ovens in use in the snack area. 

3) How did the fair influence you then and how does it today? The Fair led to my interest in Disney theme parks, which I still enjoy visiting. It also gave me the curiosity to follow up and learn more on the attractions and subjects I saw on my visits. I still am learning many new things today through my interest in the Fair.

4) When did you get involved with the paint project and why? I joined the paint  crew in 2010. I wanted to "do" something, rather than just talk about the condition of the NYSP.


5) What does the NYSP mean to you and what do you hope for its future? My career was in film distribution, I'm now retired. One of my best moments was going to see an advance screening of Men in Black, and being happily surprised to see the NYSP play a major role in film. I'll be happy with any use that's found for the NYSP, as long as the public can once again enjoy a great day inside.


6) What do you do for a living and what (else, besides painting the NYSP) do you do for fun? Now retired, I enjoy spending a lazy summer's day walking around Flushing Meadows Park. I hope to attend next year’s Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy. Also, I like to travel to Vegas and Atlantic City. If the cards go my way, I'll use the money to help open the Observation Towers for all of us to enjoy. Wish me luck!

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