New York State Pavilion Paint Project


~Who's Who~


Jim Brown


1) Where were you born and raised? I was born in Hoboken, NJ and grew up during the earlier years in Bergenfield, NJ.


2) What is your favorite fair or fair-related memory? Visiting the larger "ride" type exhibits such as GM, Ford, IBM, etc. and seeing the integration of various technologies with creative showmanship.


3) How did the fair influence you then and how does it today? Those elements of combined technology and theatrical presentation were great inspirations for my interest in seeing and developing such presentations in my later years.


4) When did you get involved with the paint project and why? I started around 2010. When attending the fair I imagined that someday I would be involved in the creation of future fairs or other such large scale presentations and, yes -- I did get to do some displays and other audio visual productions over the years, this was a chance to actually be doing something directly at the world's fair or at least what is the NY World's Fair as it exists today. An important aspect is sharing a project with other workers as a team as we create an attraction for visitors.


5) What does the NYSP mean to you and what do you hope for its future? I marched in a band at the pavilion but other than that it was not particularly special to me as compared to the more technological ride-throughs, but it is one that is still there and one that I can be a part of. For it's future I hope to see it fully restored, be used in much the same way it was at the fair as it pays homage to the fair while serving the needs of today's generations.


6) What do you do for a living and what (else, besides painting the NYSP) do you do for fun? Audio and video production, graphics, web site development, and most recently e-commerce marketing. I enjoy these areas for pleasure and satisfaction as well as visiting various kinds of attractions and being with friends.

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