Progress Report for the New York State Pavilion Paint Project  June 2015

We believe that our efforts along with your support and the involvement of other like minded groups and individuals have succeeded in bringing new life to the New York State Pavilion.

On Sunday June 7, 2015 NYC Parks held another celebration of the anniversary of the World's Fairs in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Thousands of people came out and enjoyed the beautiful day.  The NYSP Paint Project was not able to open the gates for this festival for good reason.  The Bridge Painters began their crown project! We did, however, bring out most of our displays and some new ones in front of the pavilion.  Under two tents we chatted with many about the history of the structure and the efforts to preserve it. Our neighbors People for the Pavilion and the National Trust for Historic Preservation shared in the enthusiasm of the day. Up above, new rigging fluttered in the breeze!

It has been two great anniversary years for the building and those who support it, Thanks again!


Festival attendees enjoying our table and displays
Photo- S. Bohn

Preparing displays the day before the festival
Photo- S. Bohn

Net Proceeds from donations after costs and fees as of June 12, 2015


Materials Purchase as of June 12, 2015:
- 33 Gallons Sherwin Williams Show Stopper Red
- 47 Gallons Sherwin Williams Extra White
- 45 Gallons Sherwin Williams World's Fair Yellow Custom   We spent most of the day Saturday the 6th preparing for the
Supplies- Disposable Tarps, Roller Handles, Brushes, festival. We reworked displays that were originally presented inside
Roller Covers, Tape Knife/Scraper, Paint Trays the Tent of Tomorrow at the Open Gate events and added new displays


including video presentations! The timeline was also updated to reflect
(Please note that no funds from gofundme fundraiser was used for

recent news and progress with the hopeful future of the building.

anything other than paint and related materials).

The smell of Belgian Waffles wafted through the air as hundreds of

Out of Pocket Expenses (no reimbursement): Gas, tolls,

people visited our table and walked through our exhibits.

lodging, previously purchased painting supplies, printing and   The air was also filled with excitement as many recalled their visits to the
creation of rewards, travel, food & beverage.   fair or just shared their stories about their fondness of the pavilion.  It was


   a long and exhausting day but so worth meeting with old and new

friends alike. We will launch a web page soon to bring you


crown painting progress!

Please check out


Thank you for your donations and support!


Watch for new updates as we look to the future!!


Progress on the displays

The timeline taking shape

The banner

Display area complete

The table is ready

The displays are ready
Many checking out the displays The timeline...24 feet long!
Great crowds!

Scenes from other parts of the festival!

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