Progress Report
for the
New York State Pavilion Paint Project 2013


Special Statement for November 2013 Progress Report –

We have reached a milestone.  The photograph below depicts the paint crew about to complete the last stripe on the pavilion. However, we are not quite finished with the NYSP project which began back in 2009.  There are entryway and yellow sections to attend to and exterior sections to touch up and repair from water damage, but we have officially put paint on every stripe inside and out.

We have many to thank for reaching this milestone, especially the sixty four contributions over the past eight months or so through our GoFundMe. We also must show gratitude to the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Parks Department for sharing our concerns and lending support as they could. Many thanks to the paint crew’s unending enthusiasm and commitment, the many other supporters with a good word for the effort and the media coverage which has spread the story nationwide in Preservation Magazine. A special thank you to John Piro whose vision started this whole process moving forward.

We will continue the project over the winter if possible, it may be too cold for paint but there is much clean-up and minor repairs we can do within our means to help protect and prepare the pavilion for next year’s anniversary of the opening of the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.

We are also looking toward the future!  Our project was just the ground work for raising awareness and proving that something can be done by concerned citizens with passion and concern.  We all want to see the pavilion saved and there is much work needed to give it that chance. We are looking forward to a documentary being produced by Aquarela Pictures on the history and plight of the pavilion (including the paint effort!).  There is also a non-profit group forming- People for the Pavilion, that we should all show support for (keep a watch in social media circles). This effort will hopefully garner the support from the people and officials that can fund and maintain a viable reuse for the pavilion by restoring it to its former glory or better!

There is another much anticipated documentary focusing on most of the legacies from the fair where the NYSP will be featured. "After the Fair" also includs our effort! An amazing work in post production will surely bring increased attention to the pavilion.

We all may have different visions of what the future holds for the New York State Pavilion. Some want to see it as it was on opening day of the Fair in 1964; some may want it to be retained as a ruin; others see it as a new functioning entity. What we do share though is the vision of the pavilion being alive, thriving, standing proud as it once did representing the heart of the city, the state and the people with its best foot forward at all times. 

Please support all efforts to save the pavilion. We need the voice of the people. Look for announcements and upcoming events in the future.  Thank you!

Last Stripe- From Right to Left: John P., Mitch S., Stephanie B., Jim B., Gary M., Ed G.

Back to the regularly scheduled Report:

Net Proceeds from donations after fees and partial postage
reimbursement as of November 15, 2013


($3160 gross gofundme + $400 in private donations)
Materials Purchase as of November 12, 2013:
- 27 Gallons Sherwin Williams Show Stopper Red
- 27 Gallons Sherwin Williams Extra White
- 33 Gallons Sherwin Williams World's Fair Yellow Custom    


Weather was great for a mid November day!
Home Depot- Disposable Tarps, 16 Roller Handles, 4 Brushes, Some obstacles were present but made good progress.
27 Roller Covers, 1 Tape Knife/Scraper, 6 Paint Trays We continued with yellow and finished the remaining stripes..
Sherwin Williams White Plains donated a case (24) of Roller Covers!! This may have been the last paint day for the season.


We may be back if there is word of warm winter weather.

Out of Pocket Expenses (no reimbursement): Gas, tolls, We are excited to finish by the Fair anniversary next April!
lodging, previously purchased painting supplies, printing and    
creation of rewards, 80% of postage costs, food & beverage.   We were lucky to take advantage of sale pricing


  so we stocked up on some paint, hopefully enough to

 finish the interior and come back in the spring.

Please check out


 Please keep spreading the word!!

Thank you for your donations and support!


Watch for future updates!!


Next section- Parks has temporarily stored pallets of left over pavers from the Queens Museum expansion project. 
They promised they will be out soon!

Fnishing up first coat. Much yellow to do.

The temporary obstacles, should be gone soon.

John P. saying some words about finishing the last stripe.

Also we have completed once around all the yellow.

Looking nice, stripes and yellow, more coats of yellow to come.

Another angle. Sun goes down early. Time to look forward

 to next season.