The New York State Pavilion Crown Painting

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August 13, 2015- Last tarps coming down



Preparing for the day's work

Tarps covering the last section

Lift ready to go



Nice clouds as a backdrop

Preparing to take down the tarps

Other end of the tarps



Working in another area- final coating

Removing cabling that held the tarps

A slow safe process of removal



Maybe the whole building will be enclosed one day

The yellow looks great

The glow



Almost done with finish coat in this area

More tarp removal

Working diligently



Many cables held the tarps in place

Shadow puppetry

High up in the rafters



Releasing the tarp cables

Coming down

John Piro looks on

Very impressive

August 15, 2015- Close to completion

Looks great from afar and close up

Lots of round things

Very impressive climbing abilities

Standing proud



Just a couple of days ago this area was coverd

More cables to remove

Things are looking up


Nearing the end of a long, hot work day

Yellow at night


This break was earned!


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  Photos: Stephanie Bohn, Mitch Silverstein, Ed Gossett, Gary Miller, John Piro