The New York State Pavilion Crown Painting

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July 25, 2015- Today we place emphasis on the hard working people behind the rollers and protective gear. They truly enjoy working on the pavilion and their effort comes from the heart. When asked how tough this project is we received this answer: "It's like a walk in the park."

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The ring!

Those crown points are sharp

Great men and women of the crew



There is a glow

Proud of the achievement

Hello from the mezz



Working in a new area

Spectacular in the works

Another hello from the mezz








And a hello from high up

Finishing touches in this section

Hints of what it will look like when finished



Much accomplished

Headed to paint the outside

They weren't yellow when they were new



Another group shot

The towers loom behind the tarps

Great view from the mezz



Another view

and another

From the distance, a bold and proud pavilion

August 5, 2015- Much progress over the past 11 days!    

New tarps, no holes

A large expanse of yellow

Looking great close up too

American Cheese Facing the highway Things are looking up

Bright and sunny


From some angles, it looks finished

August 9, 2015


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