The New York State Pavilion Crown Painting

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June 28, 2015- Even More Progress


These photos were taken on Sunday 6/28, There was a crew there working! We bring you some perspective from inside the tent.

Getting a lift.   Some work begins on the other side of the tent.   They seem small next to the crown.
Painted sections look nice   Mezzanine and crown are now commiserating   Great progress!
July 4, 2015

A little further along, looking nice

Getting ahead on the inner band

July 7, 2015



Some of the coatings


Scaffolding parked for the day


Protective tarps




Next work area   Very nice indeed, getting all the nooks and crannies   Great perspective, great progress!
July 11, 2015        

New- Progress in 3D! Here are two photos shot with a 3D camera on 7/11/15. You will need red/blue glasses to view them in 3D. Click either image to see the complete gallery!


Back to our regular dimension:        



You can imagine the whole thing finished


Making their way around


Nice view from the outside




Going to be grand


Really shines






This side awaiting paint


Reaching the heights


He did not start out yellow!

July 18, 2015        



Making more progress but much more to go


More sections look great


A closer look



A little closer


Now a wide shot proudly displaying their banner


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Photos: Stephanie Bohn, Mitch Silverstein, Ed Gossett, Gary Miller, John Piro